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Why You Should Hire an Interior Designer Rather Than Doing it Yourself

hire an interior designerMany people forego hiring an interior designer because they believe it will be too costly. Sure, there are top designers out there who do charge a high hourly rate and earn a commission on the furniture. However, we guarantee there are interior designers in your area that you can afford. The investment will be well worth it rather than doing it yourself.

Saves Money

So how does paying someone to interior design save your money over you just doing it yourself? The first reason is mistakes. Costly mistakes. Choosing the floor you’d like to install and having it done is a costly process. Now what happens when that floor doesn’t look at all what you envisioned it to be? You’re not getting your money back from already laid flooring.

Most interior designers will provide you with renderings of what the room will look like with the remodel. This is a huge benefit in avoiding mistakes because you are essentially seeing the room without actually doing the work or purchasing the items. You can change out as much as you want without actually lifting a finger.

It can also help with home resale, including tidbits in the listing about how your home was professionally remodeled by an interior designer.

More Resources

Another benefit to hiring an interior designer is that they have access to way more resources than you. You are bound by what you know. For example, you know you buy furniture at a local furniture store and flooring for a local hardware or flooring store.

Interior designers typically have a vast network of suppliers, vendors, and contractors that they can work with. They may even be able to get you designer-only items that you won’t see on the shelves of any stores.

Better Idea Knowledgebase

Interior designers are professionals. Which means they received a degree, got licensed, and have professional experience remodeling rooms. As much as it may hurt, you don’t. Their job is to redesign interiors. They will know of unique ways to redesign the room that you couldn’t have dreamt up in your wildest dreams.

The professional knowledge also allows to know how a specific piece will affect the room. For example, you may want to have a couch with a chaise on the end. They can be the first to tell you where it would need to be placed or if it will completely cut off the room. Additionally, you might want a certain type of drape hunger. They can tell you how that will affect the natural light coming through the windows.

Spatial Awareness

Finally, an interior designer has much better spatial awareness than you. We all have strengths and weaknesses and unfortunately, they are more stronger at that particular skillset. Spatial awareness is incredibly important in interior design because many rooms depend on the flow in order to make them useful.

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