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Interior Design Synonymous With A Brand

dallas interior designThe word “branding” is often used when talking about logo design, advertising, and marketing. It is created to establish an identify for a company and its assets. For example, Pepsi has a very distinct brand. They use the same blue, white, and red on all material and their logo along with brand name are all present. This look and feel doesn’t change whether you are holding a can of Pepsi, scrolling through their website, or viewing their ad on TV. The mediums change but the brand does not.

Many companies with brick and mortar space may not initially think of “branding” when they think of interior design. However, it plays a pivotal role in your overall brand. The interior design matters for your brand for a number of reasons.


One of the first things that interior design does is reflects your brand’s personality. Walking into a Nordstroms is very different than walking into an Old Navy. The interior design establishes the personality of that brand. Nordstroms, is a higher price point and the interior design reflects this upscale personality. An Old Navy is a lower price point and generally tries create a fun brand.


The interior design also becomes synonymous through a brand via experience. How your interior design is created will affect the type of interaction the customer has with your store or brand. For example the interior of a Skechers is designed so that the customers interact with the sales associates. The shoes are on display but the associates are to assist the custom in getting sizes from the back. This is opposed to a Payless Shoesource where all of the shoes and sizes are presented up front, putting more of the shoe-searching process on the customer.


Finally the interior design becomes synonymous with a brand by creating consistency. If we look back to the Pepsi example, the brand, its overall look and feel, is carried across every medium. The same goes for interior design. If one store is designed in a specific way, other stores will carry on that look and feel. A great example of this is comparing a Target to a Walmart. If you remove the names and the logos from each, you can still easily distinguish one from the other while walking through their stores. This is done through consistent interior design.

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