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Smooth or Sharp: How Lines Work In Interior Design


Residential DesignWhen it comes to interior design, there is more to it than meets the eye. Those unfamiliar with professional interior design will see a beautifully decorated interior. Those familiar with interior design will see all of the elements used to create that beautifully decorated interior including lighting, space, accents, shapes, colors, and lines. All of these elements and more play a pivotal role in the actual outcome of a room.

For this post we’ll discuss lines and how they work with interior design. To start, let’s go over the characteristics of a line. This includes the width, length, direction, focus, and feeling. The width of a line can be thick or thin, tapering, and even uneven. The length of a line isn’t just constrained to long and short. It can be a continuous line throughout the room or be broken. The direction of the line can be vertical, horizontal, diagonal, zig zagging, radial, and more. The focus of a line refers to the sharpness, blurriness, choppiness, or fuzziness. Finally, the feel of a line can be graceful, smooth, jagged, or sharp.

Lines work with interior design as an element that helps to define things such as shapes, contours, and outlines. There are a handful of types of lines used in interior design, created to convey different aesthetics and feelings.

Outlines – These are lines created by edges of objects and its silhouette. Outlines are created through other objects.

Contour Lines – Contour lines give shape to objects and details within an interior design. This can be the wave on the backrest of a couch or the shape of the crown moulding.

Implied Lines – This is a line that is created by a group of objects from a distance. Implied lines are difficult to see if you aren’t trained to see them but most interior designers use various objects to create implied lines.

Calligraphic Lines – You are most likely familiar with calligraphy which is a way of elegantly writing. These types of lines show up in many of the accents of interior designs such as beautiful artwork.

Interior designers use these different types of lines and more to create a visually stunning and flowing interior. All elements are purposefully used to either direct eye movement or physical movement.

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