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What IKEA Has Done TO The Interior Design Industry

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IKEA has been a staple in the interior design industry for some time now. It’s had a very high adoption rate among consumers because of the low price, great aesthetics, and justified quality relative to price. IKEA has done number of things for the interior design industry, but it also has done a number of things to the interior design industry.

Designers to Use Less Expensive Options

One of the things IKEA has done to the interior design industry, is forced its designers to at least provide inexpensive options. With consumers well aware of IKEA and its low cost furniture, gone are the days where their only option was a $3000 couch or $4000 couch. There is now an option for a $600 couch. When consumers are redesigning their interiors cost will always be a high priority. They are able to pick and choose now where they want to use less expensive options. Interior designers have had to adapt by using a mix of high-end finishes and furnishings along with lower cost options.

Provide More Options

IKEA has also forced the interior design industry to provide more options. Large furniture companies and manufacturers were forced to provide an array of fabrics and designs for each piece of furniture. Prior to IKEA, furniture stores would provide consumers with some fabric and design options, but not to the extent that you’ll find today. Because IKEA provided so many options, it forced furniture manufacturers to do the same.

Forced to Focus on Quality or Price

Another area of interior design that IKEA has changed is in regards to the cost versus quality conversation. Back in the early 1990’s, furniture stores were pretty much stocking high quality wooden framed materials with limited amounts of fabric. These goliath pieces were often heavy and didn’t have multiple color options. When IKEA got popular, furniture stores and manufacturers could no longer rely on the fact that they were one of the only suppliers around. They now have to focus on the quality and craftsmanship of their product and why their price is justified as opposed to what you will pay at IKEA.

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