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Why Wood Is Used In So Many Country Club Interior Designs


Gleneagles Country Club Plano, Texas
Gleneagles Country Club Plano, Texas

If you’ve ever been a member or been inside of various country clubs, you’ll notice a lot of common elements amongst them. For example, a lot of country clubs use wood in their interior design. It is almost like it is a requirement for them to use wood in order to be deemed a country club. While we’re pretty sure the latter statement is not true, we do happen to have some insight into why so many country clubs use wood for their interior design.


The first reason wood is so commonly used is its hardiness. Most woods are fairly durable and are long lasting materials. Where other materials may fade or become more brittle over time, wood actually begins to look better because of the unique characteristics it’s given from nicks and dents.

Natural Look

Another obvious reason for the use of wood within a country club’s interior design is the natural look of it. The industrial look has its place, with exposed ductwork and metal finishes, however the natural look of wood just adds a more peaceful element to interior design. A piece of nature helped you build the interior of your country club.


Wood is also a timeless material. There really is no substitute for it. Microfiber material might be the new trend one year, but be completely irrelevant and obscure the next. Wood however, never goes out of style. Country clubs can invest in wood for the interior design of their buildings knowing full well that it will still look elegant and classy in twenty years. There are not many other design materials that that can be said about.


Finally, wood is used so often in country club design because of its versatility. Wood can be used to accent an interior design or it can be the focal point. It can be used purely for aesthetic purposes or it can also be used for primary structural purposes. Wood also matches with almost any other design elements, making it the perfect companion to any interior. Wood is also great because if you are not keen on a certain shade of the wood, you can stain it to be another color.

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