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Who Made That? 3 Local Dallas Artists Whose Work You May Have Seen In Hotels and Restaurants

dallas restaurant interior designThe city of Dallas has been making huge strides towards featuring local artists virtually everywhere. This means that you may have seen plenty of local artists’ work in coffee shops, hotels, and restaurants. In honor of this focus on local, we wanted to share three local Dallas artists whose work you may have seen in hotels and restaurants.

Pamela Nelson

Pamela Nelson is a Dallas native who is an artist-in-residence for the Fairmont Dallas. The Fairmont Dallas is located adjacent to the Dallas Arts District so, naturally, it was a fit to create an art focused program for the hotel.

Pamela Nelson’s work has been featured all over the U.S. including Washington D.C. and New York City. Dallas residents may have seen her work featured at DFW International Airport or the DART’S Dallas Zoo Station. For the artist-in-residence program, Nelson resided for a few months at the Fairmont Dallas hotel working in a studio in the hotel. The catch was that guests could actually see Nelson at work as the studio had a glass front.

James Surls

Another local Texan artist, James Surl, can be seen at the Meddlesome Moth. The gastropub was started by restaurateur and art collector, Shannon Wynne.

James Surls is a local sculptor whose work has been featured around the U.S. and even in film. A giant sculpture of his hangs over the door of the Meddlesome Moth. The gastropub also features a handful of other artwork from local artists.

Robert Dye

The Fairmont Hotel has been busy at work culminating their local appeal. Their restaurant, The Pyramid Restaurant and Bar features locally sourced ingredients and fare including produce from their rooftop garden.

In addition the local food, the restaurant also features local art just like the hotel. Large paintings from Texas artist Robert Dye. Dye has a large focus on oil paintings and writings. Additional details of the large paintings at the restaurant can be found through discrete QR codes on the menu.

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