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What Types of Moods Does Wood Furniture Inspire in Hotels?

hotel wood interior designHotels around the world utilize different furniture for different reasons. Typically, the furniture chosen is geared towards their clientele. For example, and upscale hotel might make use of high-end granite tabletop and Italian leather sofas. However, a motel simply might use generic, entry-level tables and sofas.

Hotels also use different types of furniture to convey different types of moods. One material commonly used in hotel furniture is wood. Wood furniture can inspire a plethora of moods, however the following are fairly common.


One common mood associated with wood is relaxation. Wood is a natural material which people promptly associated with nature. Overall, nature has a very soothing, calming effect. The organized chaos of nature lines and knots throughout wooden furniture are quite mesmerizing.

On the contrary, a table made with serrated steel has more of a cold, modern, and industrial feel. You won’t find too many guests associating serrated steel with relaxation.


Natural wood, if left untreated, is typically a shade of brown. The color brown is also associated with nature and earth. The earthy tones provide a very homely feeling. The fact a hotel can make their guests feel at home by using wooden furniture is a huge reason why it can be found throughout most hotels.


You should be sensing a pattern by now. Wooden furniture also conveys warmth. The warmth stems from the wood’s natural properties and rich colors. This is opposed to metal furniture or plastic furniture that has more of a cooling effect. While the furniture does not directly affect the temperature, plastic and metals have a much glossier look to them. They don’t necessarily have the richness that wood provides.

Overall, you’ll find that wood furniture is an ideal choice for many hotels. The goal is to make your guests feel welcome and at home, which is easily accomplished with wood furniture and its perfect mood-setting properties.

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