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What It Takes to Become an Interior Designer

Becoming an interior designer can be an exciting and fulfilling career. Unfortunately, it is not for everyone. The career field of interior design is extremely competitive. There are a handful of characteristics and aspects that need to be addressed in order to become a successful interior designer.

Designer, Not Decorator

The words seem pretty interchangeable, however this is not the case. Decorators are not required to have college degrees. Designers, on the hand, have formal degrees, are generally state-licensed, and have to collaborate with teams of architects, engineers, and contractors.

Spacial Awareness

One trait an interior designer must possess is great spacial awareness. Design isn’t all about picking lavishing furniture or choosing the perfect accents. Planning space is one of the most important aspects.

Choosing a piece of furniture that is too large will create the effect that the room is small. Angling pieces is an awkward way or blocking off walkways will all affect the overall aesthetics of a room.

An Eye for Color

There is no exact science or perfect test to determine if you have an eye for color. Some of “having an eye for color” even has to do with knowledge of your client.

In any case, knowing what type of color is appropriate for each room can massively influence the overall interior of that room.

Interpersonal Personality

Being a successful interior designer means that you have people skills too. You will be working with a team of other individuals who all have their own thoughts and jobs. You are responsible for being a productive member of that team.

Beyond that actual worksite, you need to have constant communication with your clients. Providing outstanding customer service and understanding your clients wishes can help the redesign flow smoother.

Time and Project Management

Delays. The one word that all clients hate but many inevitably will hear. The less delays you have, the happier your clients will be.

It is one thing to be delayed due to an error on the supplier’s behalf. It is unforgivable to be delayed due to a time management error on yours.

All interior designers must be able to manage their own time, the project timeline as a whole, and be prepared for disastrous delays.

A Great Portfolio

A great way to get yourself started is to start building a portfolio early on. Interior design, is by nature, a very visual business. Prospective employers and clients are going to want to see what you have done. Having a thorough, diverse portfolio is a great way to impress right away.

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