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What Makes An Interior Warm and Inviting?

How you design the interior of your building can completely change how it feels. Different colors, finishes, and layouts all affect the mood you create in your building.

There is an infinite amount of ways to style your business’s interior, however one feeling that almost every person wants to capture is warmth. People almost unanimously want to create a warm and inviting ambiance to their building whether they prefer contemporary or country.


The lighting of your building plays a huge role in creating a sense of warmth and welcoming. For example, fluorescent lights tend to have a cooling effect. Obviously this is not the choice to go for if you want to create warmth. Incandescent lights, on the other hand, tend to out the red in colors which provides that warm feeling.

The first step to an inviting building is the foyer or entryway. Adding overhead lighting such as a chandelier can be the perfect trendsetter for the warmth conveyed throughout the rest of rooms.

Another way to create warmth in your building is through natural lighting. Natural light provides a much brighter and inviting light than most electric lighting sources. Having natural light throughout your building opens it up and can make rooms seem larger than if they were just lit using lamps and overheads.


The color scheme of your building and its rooms plays another pivotal role in determining the overall ambiance. Use warm colors throughout the business to create an inviting atmosphere.

Avoid mixing in cooler colors or color schemes even if it happens to go together. Adding in these cool colors can change the mood of the room.

Red, orange, and yellow are the primary colors you want to use, along with their various shades and tones.


Finally, and appropriately, the finishes of your building can add another dimension of warmth. Finishes can include rugs, plants, wall hangings, and furniture.

A beautiful area rug in your foyer or entryway that matches the color scheme will complete the floor to ceiling warmth.

Plants are great for your building for a couple reasons. The first is that they encourage the use of natural light, which as previously stated, helps to create warmth in each room. Plants also create a “lived in” atmosphere because of their liveliness. This makes your hotel or even a medical center seem more accessible and inviting to people.

Wall hangings such as artwork, pictures, and mirrors all add depth and personality to your business. Larger pieces are recommended for higher trafficked areas such as the foyer/entryway or living room.

The type of furniture you use in your building often sets the tone for how your guests and patrons will feel. Sleek, leather couches don’t typically exude warmth. Large, comfortable, upholstered furniture with an abundance of throw pillows does illicit the feeling of warmth.

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