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Hotel Interior Design: 3 Examples of Modern Accessories Common in Hotels Today

The Omni Hotel Richmond, Virginia 350 Guestrooms & Suites/Public Area
The Omni Hotel Richmond, Virginia350 Guestrooms & Suites/Public Area

Bellhops, room service, pools, gyms, and stocked mini fridges. Those were the modern accessories of last generation’s hotels. Today, hotels must meet even more demands to stay up-to-date with a traveler’s on-the-go needs. Hotels have vastly improved in recent years in terms of adopting these modern accessories.

TV’s in Bathroom Mirror

For the most part, every hotel has switched out their old tube TVs for high-def flat screen TVs. However, a common feature being implemented into a lot of upscale hotels is a high-def TV built into the bathroom mirror.

This modern accessory benefits both the hotel and the guest. For one, the hotel can post useful information on the TV that the guest might find beneficial. One example of this is having it tuned to a station with the local weather. The guest can easily digest this information while getting ready in the morning. Another example of this that is more personalized, is wedding reception information. These TVs can also display the banquet hall and schedule information for a wedding reception to the guests who are there for that wedding.

On the flipside, guests can obviously enjoy television while getting ready. Guests can feel free to catch up on a game while freshening up or they can soak in the tub to a movie.

Wifi Everywhere

In the past, hotel’s had business centers where guests could access the internet to check email. However, people have become a bit more connected to the web and hotels have had to cater to these needs. You’d be hard pressed to come across a hotel that doesn’t offer in-room wifi. It is almost a must-have for guests.

Being in a new area, guests want to be able to look up popular nearby places which requires wifi if they don’t want to drain their phone’s data allowance. While your concierge most certainly knows the answer to these questions, it is often a habit of the guest to check a review site first.

Boarding Pass Printers

Another modern accessory common in hotels, is a designated station for printing boarding passes. The guest doesn’t need to access the hotel internet or their email. They don’t need to wait for a business center’s computer to become available.

They simply have to walk up to the station, choose the airlines they are flying, and punch in their confirmation number to receive a printed out version of their boarding pass.

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