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Happy 2015! Here Are Some Interior Design Trends We Think Will Be Huge This Year

aka design incThe new year is upon us and that means a new year for interior design! While we can only guess at what the new year of interior design will bring, we can be certain that it will be fabulous.

Natural Beauty

One of the most obvious design trends for 2015 is a continuation of natural and organic themes. We’re talking about organic shapes, uneven edges, green spaces, large windows, and anything that will accentuate nature.

These natural aesthetics lend themselves to color schemes of greens, light grays, beige, bronzes, and worn copper.

Real nature will also add to these themes with display flowers and plants. Indoor water features are also on the rise, adding a soothing ambiance to any room. Furnishings with built-in plant holders such as modern tables and contemporary chairs will also be a popular choice in 2015.

Salvaging and DIY

A continuation of a 2014 trend is the DIY path. Reusing and recycling is not only environmentally friendly, but also extremely popular in the design world. Reusing spare parts makes for interesting and completely unique interior design elements.

Salvaged wood, stone, and metal are popular uses for materials. Rustic wood tables with cast iron finishes are very popular as dining room tables and coffee tables.

The Colors of 2015

In 2015 we expect to see a lot of natural room colors with soft pastels that are finished with grays, blacks, and whites. The contrast creates a very contemporary look to almost any room.

Continuing with the natural/organic theme, shades of brown, grays, and greens will be used for modern interior design in shared living spaces. Other potential color trends for the new year are mustard, mauve, shades of purple, and shades of blue.


Another popular trend for the new year will be a minimalist style. This style uses very smooth geometric shapes and lends itself to a very clean, uncluttered, modern feel. Tiny accent details are popular for minimalists as opposed to lavish finishes and accents of previous design eras. This approach uses solid colors with patterns in small areas such as throw pillows or rugs.

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