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Focus On A Trend: Hotel Lobbies As Multi-Use Spaces

dallas hotel lobby interior designOne of the newest trends for hotel design, is creating lobbies that can be used in multiple ways. Gone are the days where the lobby is simply an area while you wait to check-in to your room. In an effort to make hotels every more inviting and more social, lobbies are being turned into multi-purpose areas.


One of these multi-purpose trends is to have the bar located directly in the lobby. In the past, hotels typically have had an area designated for a bar or restaurant. However, hotels today have been livening up their lobbies with bars as soon as you enter.

This not only gives the guests something to do while they wait, it also gives the hotel a bit more of a personable feel. Guests can mingle, enjoy a cocktail, and interact all without leaving the lobby.


Keeping along with the food and beverage theme, many hotel lobbies are now including cafes and coffee shops. These small cafes provide guests with a place to enjoy a hot cup of coffee without even leaving their temporary abode. These cafes allow the hotel to provide more of an at-home feel and even keep more business within the hotel.


Another common trending theme among hotel lobbies is using the space as a lounge area. At first thought, hotel lobbies have always been lounge areas. This is partially true. They have always been an area for waiting guests to sit and rest their weary traveling legs.

However, now hotels have been including incredibly comfortable lounge seating complete with big screen TV’s for guests to lounge and relax to. Perfect for mom or dad to getaway on their family getaway.

Business Centers

Finally, hotel lobbies have also started using their lobbies as business centers. In the past, the “business center” of a hotel was usually a tiny room with one or two computers and a printer. It was a bit confining and didn’t really provide any real benefit to the guest other than printing a boarding pass or checking on flight statuses.

Now that lobbies are essentially the business centers, guests can have quick briefings before they head into the actual conference or meeting. Free wifi, a nearby cafe, and plenty of outlets provide business travelers with all of the utility they need to get their jobs done.

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