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Comfortable Bars: Wooden Bars vs. Metal


Bar Design - The Houston City Club - Houston, TexasHave you ever walked into a bar and immediately thought about what material the bar was made out of? Probably not, but we do. The curse of the interior designer is to immediately notice what elements were included in every room in order to create the atmosphere and look that it does. While some places care more than others, it is interesting to understand why a bar may have chosen a particular building material for their bar.

Wooden Bars

If you’re looking for timeless and classic, a wooden bar is the way to go. Wood has been a mainstay probably since the inception of the modern meaning for bar. Wood is used for a handful of reasons. The first is that it typically matches or at least blends in with most rooms. Unless you paint the wood, it generally will match with many interior designs or you can at least create accents that will make it match.

Wood is also a very natural looking material which lends itself to most interior design concepts. It can be placed in a luxurious interior design, a modern design, a coastal design, and much more.

When treated properly, wood is a durable and nonporous surface, making it ideal for placing libations on. Spills are easily wiped away without any harm coming to the wood. The bar itself can be quite comfortable because of how smooth it is and because it doesn’t drastically change in temperature. Sure it can get a little cooler or warmer in temperature extremes, but not to the same extent that other materials do.

Metal Bars

Metal bars are typically found in a more modern design. While metal doesn’t quite exude the luxuriousness or naturalness that wood does, it can convey the ultra-modern appeal which is quite popular in today’s gastropub prominent culture.

Metal bars, like wooden ones, are nonporous making them ideal for drink storage. The only downside is that they tend to be affected by the temperature a bit more. If it is very cold in the establishment, you can expect the metal bar itself to be cold. However, the main pro here is the upkeep. Wooden bars may have to be refinished and treated after a long period of use. Metal bars are somewhat impervious to the type of abuse that would normally occur at a bar.

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