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Beautiful Dallas Hotels

May 30, 2014 | By | No Comments

Dallas, Texas is home to hotels of every shape and size. When you are looking around for beautiful hotels to spend your time in, there are a few which stand out from the rest. Let’s take a look at some of the most beautiful hotels in Dallas.

1. Hotel Crescent Court

This gorgeous is located in the center of Uptown Dallas. The hotel has a distinct Chic contemporary style complete with a genuinely serene spa. The rooms in the Crescent Court Hotel range in size from 380-625 square feet and include both a living area and luxury bath. Highlights of these rooms included large closets, vanities, full length mirrors, a desk and a seating area designed to maximize comfort. This hotel combines modern aesthetics with classic Texan hospitality to make a genuinely beautiful hotel experience.

2. Warwick Melrose

This hotel was originally constructed in 1924. It has a classic red brick decor with a Texan style flat roof. In honor of the outstanding service and beauty of this hotel, it has been officially recognized as a AAA Four-Diamond hotel. The rooms in this hotel are designed around different themes. The Presidential suite is reminiscent of the glamour found in Hollywood during the 1920s. The crystal chandelier, garden tub, and dining room for eight is sure to be a feast for your eyes.

3. Hotel Zaza

This luxury boutique hotel is a truly magical place. Every detail, from the architecture to the lush furnishings is perfected to ensure you have a relaxing experience. The rooms at the Hotel Zaza are beautifully decorated and filled with fascinating decor. The lobby is a sight in and of itself. Be sure to grab an eyeful of this decadent lobby in the evening with their candlelit interior.

4. The Adolphus

This beautifully baroque masterpiece is one hotel you will not easily forget. The hotel was originally constructed in 1912 when the founders of the city of Dallas approached Mr. Adolphus Busch with the project of designing a hotel worthy of the state of Texas. The splendor that is permeated throughout this hotel has been called “the most beautiful building west of Venice.” The distinctly European charm and elegance combines to make the Adolphus an absolutely exquisite hotel in the Dallas area.

5. Radisson Hotel & Suites

This hotel has recently undergone some updates which has dramatically elevated the beauty of the Radisson Hotel & Suites. This hotel is a perfect example of how some excellently executed modern interior design can accomplish. Guests here are able to enjoy some modern simplicity with crisp clean lighting and well placed, eye catching decor. You can see some images of this beautiful hotel here:

Although all of these hotels are distinct, they all bring elements of genuine beauty to their guest experience. Whether it be tailored to modern styles or baroque design, it is clear that those looking for an experience of beauty are in luck when it comes to visiting Dallas.

5 Of the Strangest-Looking Hotels In The World

May 29, 2014 | By | No Comments

dallas hotel designThere are lots of different reasons hotels become famous. For some it is the celebrity clientele list, others achieve fame through impressing customers with their quality design. But other hotels become famous because of their unusual looks. These hotels challenge our very understanding of what a hotel should be. Let’s take a look at five of the strangest looking hotels in the world.

1. Treehotel

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stay in an invisible hotel? Well, this may be the closest to invisibility you can achieve. This hotel is located in Harads, Sweden in a truly breathtaking natural setting.

The rooms at Treehotel are like none you have ever experienced.  Each room is set in the trees, suspended anywhere between 4-6 meters above the ground. They are set in a charming forest environment complete with views of the nearby Lule River. While you might get to enjoy a river view through a few windows in a typical hotel room, at Treehotel, the very walls of your room are windows.

These one way glass walls allow you to see out into the beautiful surroundings without anyone seeing in. The glass appears to look like a mirror from the outside, thus camouflaging the entire living space. At Treehotel, you may not easily see your room from the outside, but once in you will get to experience the beauty of nature in genuine, unintrusive, comfort.

2. Icehotel

This hotel is exactly what it sounds like. To date, Icehotel is the largest hotel made from snow and ice in the entire world. All of your furniture, including your bed, is made of ice. As the temperature heats up, mother nature demolishes the entire hotel. Come November the next year, the Icehotel architects return and redesign this incredibly strange hotel.

3. Marmara Antalya

Having a room with a view is nice, but having a room with an ever changing gorgeous view is better. In Antalya, Turkey, the very first revolving hotel was constructed. With a total of two hundred and eight rooms, and a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea, there is always something interesting to look at.

4. Dog Park Inn

Dog lovers, particularly fans of beagles, will love this B&B. The building itself is designed to look exactly like a Beagle. There is a large Beagle, named Sweet Willy, and a smaller Beagle. The building is constructed of wood, stucco, and carpet ears. If you’ve ever wondered what sleeping inside of your favorite fido would be like, the Dog Park Inn is ready to help.

5. Tianzi Hotel

This Chinese hotel is about ten stories tall. It was designed to resemble three Chinese Gods: Fu, Lu, and Shou. These three represent good fortune, prosperity, and longevity. The front door is through Shou’s left foot. You’ll surely increase your fortune with the Gods by sleeping in this massive image hotel.

Strange hotels are fun to explore, but some prefer a more traditional spin on hospitality design. Contact us to learn more about our hotel interior design services.