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3 Of The Best Old Fashioned Bars In The US

dallas bar interior designBars with a theme have a special place in our hearts. It gives an interior designer the ability to hone in on a specific look and feel. Some of the coolest bars are the ones that give customers a blast from the past. Bars that have an atmosphere set in specific time periods make for a truly unique experience if they pull it off right. With that said, here are three of the best old fashioned bars in the United States.

Noble Experiment – San Diego, California

In recent years there has been an uptick of old school gangster movies. Most of these guys, and girls, were around during the prohibition era. Everyone still wanted alcohol and had to devise clever ways of getting it and consuming it. Speakeasies became the place to go if you wanted to indulge.

Noble Experiment, located in San Diego, California has revived that era and all of its mystery. You won’t find a big sign pointing to its location or ads flooding the local market. Nope, this speakeasy keeps it realistic to the speakeasies of old. Call ahead if you want a chance at getting in. To get in you have to enter a restaurant, head to the back and through a wall of fake kegs. Inside you’ll find dim lighting, a wall of skulls, and some of the best cocktails in the state.

Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar – New Orleans, Louisiana

Lafitte’s has a rich, lengthy history in the United States. This structure, located on the corner of Bourbon and St. Philip, is said to be the oldest building used as a bar. Built in 1722, it’s hard to find contenders that come even close to that date. The old fashioned feeling is felt inside and out as the wooden building looks like something from the 1700’s and the wooden barrels used as seats make it seem like you just entered in a saloon frequented by swashbuckling pirates.

Oxford Saloon – Snohomish, Washington

Speaking of saloons, you can head to Snohomish, Washington to experience the Oxford Saloon which was established in 1910. The exterior of the building has retained much of its “wild west” charm. The interior, similarly, has a lot of old fashioned charm throughout.

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