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3 Hospitals With Amazing Designs

Dallas hospitals have discovered that they no longer need to monuments to cold sterile environments that offer little comfort or warmth. Recently, health care interior design has taken a turn to the beautiful and trendy with clean lines and warm colors. Hospital interior design has come a long way in the last ten years or so with special attention being paid to the patients’ mental state as well as function. There are some Dallas hospitals that are topping the lists of the most beautiful hospitals in the world.

Forest Park Medical Center
Located in downtown Dallas, Texas, the Forest Park Medical is leading the way in local health care interior design with its upgraded look and increased number of patient beds. This hospital is a class a medical building with six stories and over 130,000 square feet of medical offices, beds and operating rooms. The interior includes a modern lounge area, stadium style seating and floor to ceiling walls of glass windows. The hospital interior design features cool colors and crisp clean lines. Patient rooms feature stunning hardwood floors and sleek finishes that make them feel like luxury hotel rooms. The modern interior design extends towards the outside of the building with a bank with drive-thru service, restaurants and retail stores. Forest Park Medical Center is a favorite among Dallas hospitals.

Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital
The gorgeous Legacy Salmon Creek hospital in Vancouver, Washington offers arriving patients a glimpse of its glass skywalk that connects the two building. The façade of the building is a lovely mixture of materials such as stone, brick, glass and metal. The hospital offers two L shaped buildings to offer the view of nearby Mt. Hood to as many patients as possible. The hospital interior design benefits from plenty of natural light and warm hues giving guests and visitors the feeling of enjoying the outdoors inside the hospital. Outdoor areas include several courtyards and terraces people can make the most of warm weather and sunny days.

Nestled in a quiet neighborhood in Vienna, Austria, the Rudolfinerhaus was designed to blend in naturally with the surrounding buildings and homes. The exterior offers plenty of lush, green shrubbery with places to enjoy comfortable days outside while patients recuperate. The interior has the feel of a hotel on a luxury vacation than a hospital filled with doctors, nurses and recovering places. This hospital features more than 100 private and semi-private rooms that are furnished more like a private home.

As medicine has changed and evolved over the centuries, hospitals are now beginning to take the next step in design that helps function and the well-being of their patients. These beautiful health care interior design can at times appear more like the inside of a private home or luxurious hotel. It is all done with the patients and their relatives’ comfort and recovery in mind.

Image via: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/df/Bangkok_heart_hospital_building.jpg