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Healthcare Interior Design Elements: Physical Therapy Offices

Health Care Design - Caron Texas - Drub Rehabilitation Facility Princeton, TexasWhen designing an interior for healthcare spaces, there are a handful of elements to consider, the first being what the facility is used for. For this post we’ll focus on physical therapy healthcare spaces. Physical therapy spaces are unique in that they are all about rejuvenation and a restoration of balance.

After someone has a significant surgery, illness, or accident they undergo a stage of healing in the hospital. Once they have recovered to a certain point, they can begin physical therapy which restores them to their former self, prior to their hospital stay.


One of the primary elements to focus on when designing a physical therapy office is the lighting. Drab lighting does not promote a sense of rejuvenation. There should be lots of natural light streaming in from the outside. It is much easier from a visual and mental standpoint to perform physical activities that are pushing your bounds if you have a lot of light.


The colors of a physical therapy office can have more of an effect on patients than you may think. The color scheme needs to be well thought out for each location, department, and even down to each room. For example, your physical therapy office may have a room full of weights and ellipticals for working out. It may also have a room for massage therapy and muscle movement.

Those two rooms actually should have a different color treatment. High energy colors and accents walls or decorative designs can be used to create a sense of energy in the workout room. On the other hand, calming earth tones of green or blue, along with bamboo tables can be used in the massage therapy room.


Another major element of interior design for a physical therapy office is complying with codes. Physical therapy offices will not have quite the stringent regulations that an ER might have, but there are still building codes that need to be followed. Without taking these into consideration, starting a redesign is almost pointless.


Finally, functionality is another extremely important element of redesigning a physical therapy office. You can have the best lighting, perfect colors, and incredible decor but none of that matters if your office does not have functionality. The room should flow based on the majority of physical therapy processes. The office needs to be mapped out prior to all of the aesthetic elements being added in.

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